Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi - SARPi Downloads

The Slackware ARM installer incorporates the kernel_raspi, kernel-modules-raspi and raspi-boot packages, which have been built using the latest source from the official Raspberry Pi Foundation GitHub repository.

The current SARPi installer uses kernel release: 3.12.26-arm

Slackware ARM installer

rpi-slackwarearm-install_01Sep14_fd.img.xz [MD5] - Linux XZ image. [MD5] - Windows/Linux ZIP archive.

System packages

kernel_raspi-3.12.26-arm-1_01Sep14_fd.tgz [MD5]

kernel-modules-raspi-3.12.26-arm-1_01Sep14_fd.tgz [MD5]

raspi-boot-fw-arm-1_01Sep14_fd.tgz [MD5]

raspi-devs-1.0-noarch-1_01Sep14_fd.tgz [MD5] - * Do not install this package if udev is running!

raspi-hacks-2.0-arm-1_01Sep14_fd.tgz [MD5]

Slackware ARM packages

i2c-tools-3.1.0-arm-1_SBo_fd.tgz [MD5]

libsigc++-2.3.1-arm-1_SBo_fd.tgz [MD5]

libtorrent-rt-0.13.3-arm-1_SBo_fd.tgz [MD5]

rtorrent-0.9.3-arm-1_SBo_fd.tgz [MD5]